Application Quality Assurance

Quality of application used by you is extremely important to the progress of your organization. Lapses in quality can impact employee morale, risk management efforts as well as hurt customer satisfaction. Ultimately it impacts the bottom line of the company.

In order to ensure that all your applications meet the desired quality, you must implement robust and repetitive QA processes and framework that assure the quality of these applications. We here at Burlington Technology help you with the quality of your applications so that quality is assured each time, every time and is not a chance occurrence.

Burlington Technology provides following services in this area

Process Consulting

The quality of the process along with robust process tools such as a systematic bug tracking system determines the quality of the application. Systematic and flexible software processes can help your organization with deliver desired quality, on time, within budget every time.

Independent QA

We can take an application developed by you or another vendor on your behalf and independently test it for functionality, performance, security and reliability. Our expertise is in both Manual as well as Automation Testing using various automation tools. We can also help you by providing highly skilled and experienced QA consultants to augment your existing QA team.

Other Services